Management Hunts

With well managed game programs and conservation in South Africa today, we have more game in this country than in the previous 100 years. When the game numbers get too high, culling needs to take place in some form or other. This is where we come in.

EASTCAPE & KAROO SAFARIS offers you the trophy hunter, the chance of hunting a large number of animals at the fraction of the price of a normal trophy hunt. We can combine your trophy hunt with a management hunt to suite your needs.

Most of the game in South Africa is privately owned and managed. Numbers of animals to be culled are established through game counts and vegetation analysis. It is a very scientific process and is done with leaders in the field.

In the Eastrn Cape we grew up hunting springbuck & kudu on "driven" hunts. Due to their large numbers, this was the most common way to hunt. Today, large herds of springbuck still occur in the Karoo flats and this method of hunting is still common occurrence. Most common animal to hunt this way is the springbuck, but, animals such as warthog, mt reedbuck, kudu and wildebees can also be targeted.

Generally, a day or two set aside for management hunting will be enough. This will take the form of driven hunts in the Karoo. Shooting distances are between 50 yards & 200 yards. Generally running shots are taken without the necessity to shoot head shots. 

Contact us to enquire about combination trophy / management hunts. Minimum of 3 people required. 


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