Hunting Ostrich South Africa

Struthio camelus


MASS : 95 kg

GESTATION : Lays approx 30 eggs, takes 42 days to catch

The ostrich is the only species in its family, although the east African or Masai ostrich is sub-classified. The ostrich is found throughout Africa and parts of the middle east.

The ostrich is the world’s largest living bird found in a range of habitats from bushveld to desert. It is flightless but has the ability to run at great speeds – personally timed at 57 km/h. The call of the male can be confused with the distant roar of a lion. The males have an elaborate mating display during courtship and the front of his legs and parts of his neck turn a reddish-pink colour.

Diet – Eats grass seeds, grass and leaves. Will eat stones as well. These assist with the digestion of the food.


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