Hunting Mountain Zebra South Africa

Equus zebra zebra


MASS : 227-272 kg

GESTATION : 365 days.

The agile mountain zebra lives in arid, stoney regions. The cape mountain zebra is confined to the southern mountains of the Cape. Its black stripes are broader than those of the Hartmanns mountain zebra, which occurs in the mountainous parts of Namibia and southern Angola. Hartmanns mountain zebra has a well developed mane, whereas the Cape mountain zebra has a short mane. Both subspecies have a well-defined dewlap below the throat. Hartmanns mountain zebra will range well into the desert in search of new growth. The mountain zebra is capable of going without water for up to three days. When in search of water it will dig down to 1 metre. Unlike the Burchells zebra, its call is a low, plaintive neigh.

Diet – Grazer. Feeds on tufted grasses.


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