Hunting Gemsbuck South Africa

Oryx gazelle


MASS : 200 kg

GESTATION : 240-270 days

This gregarious, sure-footed and extremely swift antelope has very good eyesight. The horns are long and straight. A dangerous animal when wounded, the gemsbok has been known to impale lions on its pointed horns. It is fond of rolling. A nomadic animal, this species is often found in groups up to 40 strong. Old bulls lead solitary lives. The gemsbok is typically found on dry plains, in the desert and occasionally in savanna and mopane woodland.

Diet – Grazers. Will eat wild melons, cucumbers, bulbs and roots which are dug up using the forefeet. The species travels great distances for water, although it is largely independent of water as seen by the arid nature of the terrain it usually inhabits. Gemsbok are fond of mineral licks.


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