Hunting Bushpig South Africa

Potamochoerus pocus


MASS : 70-80 kg

GESTATION : 120 days; 3-7 piglets

Mainly nocturnal, the bushpig is a gregarious but tough, no nonsense animal. It lives in large sounders of up to 10 or more individuals. It is a dangerous adversary with extremely sharp tusks and should be given a wide berth. The tails is held down when running as opposed to the warthog, which holds its tail vertically. It is a good swimmer. The voice consists of soft grunting. It is preyed on by leopard and lion. Numbers have increased in areas where carnivore numbers have decreased.

Diet – Roots, bulbs, seeds. Fruit, grasses, carrion, reptiles, insects and birds eggs. Also raids crops. Will chew old bones.

Spoor – About same size as that of the warthog, but more circular.


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