Hunting Bushbuck South Africa

Tragelaphus scriptus


MASS : 32-94 kg

GESTATION : About 200 days

An attractive, shy antelope inhabiting forest, riverine and dense bush. Widely distributed, it is territorial and usually found singly or in pairs. Although diurnal when undisturbed, it is primarily nocturnal and can be seen in the early morning and late evening. The senses are well developed; it is swift and jumps well. When wounded it becomes extremely aggressive. The voice is a loud, sharp bark. Bushbuck are preyed on by leopard, wild dogs in the Okavango Delta, and pythons lurking in the riverine vegetation. The Chobe bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus ornatus) is a sub species found in the Chobe National Park, Botswana. It is more distinctly marked and has a long bushy tail. Bushbuck are often found in the company of baboons.

Diet – Seed pods, Twigs, shoots, leaves, wild fruits and roots.

Spoor – Neater and smaller than the impala. 4-5 cm long.


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