Hunting the Big Five Africa

Of all the game animals in Africa, none seem to capture the attention of the big game hunter like the mere mention of the “Big Five”. Africa's "Big Five", the Elephant,  Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, Lion, and the Leopard account for some of the most exciting and interesting Big Game hunting in all of Southern Africa.

While many of the antelope species like the Kudu, Wildebeest, and Eland can be quite large, none can turn the tables on the hunter so quickly and so completely as the members of the “Big Five”.  The resulting rush of adrenalin is the very essence of that which brings so many hunters to Africa.

Eastcape & Karoo Safaris runs big game safaris in South Africa as well as in Botswana in conjunction with reputable outfitters. With good numbers of Buffalo and Rhino in the Eastern Cape - we are hunting more an more of these incredible animals right on our doorstep. Other big game is hunted up in the northern part of South Africa as well as Botswana.Botswana - being one of the last true bastions of the wild Africa, where tens of thousands of Elephants, large herds of Buffalo, and the Big Cats migrate freely across the vast expanses of the northern region. The country's more than 140,000 elephants alone make up the largest free-roaming herds on the continent of Africa. Botswana has no history of war and is a country of stability, progress and ethnic harmony. Visitors will find a gracious and warm welcome.

Except for the open plains of the Free State and much of East Africa, Africa’s Dangerous Game is hunted in semi-open scrub country. With the help of a competent Professional Hunter and a good stalk, most shots can be taken within 100 to 200 yards.  The heavy, thick-skinned members of the Big Five are often taken at much closer ranges. 

Most countries of Southern Africa specify the use of a rifle of at least .375 caliber or greater when hunting the Big Five.  Except for the big cats, quality, controlled expansion bullets or solids are a must.  For the soft skinned cats, rapid expanding bullets are a better choice.  In this regard, always trust the advice of your Professional Hunter. Make sure you are thoroughly familiar and comfortable with your weapon of choice.  Keep in mind that in all cases, it is much more important where your shot is placed than with what you have made the shot. 

So while large caliber rifles with heavy for caliber bullets are the order of the day; don’t over-do it!

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