Steve Allen joins Eastcape and Karoo Safaris on plains game hunt

Saturday, 23rd September 2017

Steve Allen from Australia was the winner of our 2017 hunting competition.

Steve has just recently spent a memorable week hunting with Eastcape & Karoo Safaris. Steve hunted an impala, black wildebeest and a blesbuck while on safari. Steve, it was really good to meet you, and an absolute pleasure hunting with you. We hope to see you soon back in South Africa with a friend or your Family. Cheers Mate !








Arriving at Leopard Ridge, I was instantly overwhelmed with the variety of animals, and how green the property appeared. Recent rains had transformed, what Dale said, was a very dry winter, into something of many colours, and it seemed every animal around was out and grazing. From the lodge, a variety of water birds, as well as monkeys, giraffe, and many other game species were all able to be observed and photographed.

Impala, Black Wildebeest, and Blesbuck were the target species for the trip, and I was assured we would have a successful hunt, and a very memorable week.

After a great night sleep, everyday started with a big breakfast, overlooking the beautiful Bushmans River. Then, once a plan was made, the trophy animal and hunting area established, we would set off. Each day we concentrated on a different trophy animal, and once located, it was on foot for an enjoyable and exciting stalk. Over the four days, we hunted on two different properties, and although the weather was sometimes challenging, Dale was able to present some great opportunities, and with every shot, we managed to get a good result.

In the late afternoon, whilst having drinks with Dale and his wife Nikki, I enjoyed many conversations. These would often continue throughout the deliciously prepared home cooked meals, and late into the evening. I was able to learn much about South Africa, and the East Cape Region, and the many similarities, and differences to my home in Australia.

On the last day, we visited a taxidermist in Port Elizabeth. Here I was able to learn about the processes involved, and options available for having my trophies mounted, and sent to my home. A fitting way to complete my East Cape Safari.

Thank you Dale and Nikki, your hospitality made for a very welcoming and memorable experience and I would love to one day return for another visit.





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