Mustafa and Yavuz hunt with Eastcape & Karoo Safaris

Saturday, 4th August 2018

Mustafa and Yavuz joined Eastcape & Karoo Safaris for a memorable hunting safari end of July into August 2018. Arriving on the 30th July I was at the Bloemfontein airport to pick the guys up. A two and a half hour drive and we were cheking in at the lodge. We only had 4 days on the ground so we didn't waste any time getting to the shooting range.






We headed out into the veld and after an hour or two driving ... we spotted this beautiful old male ram. There were a group of rams and they were very alert so we made a long stalk working our way into the wind and eventually getting to a spot overlooking the group. The closest we could get was 240 yards. Mustafa had a good rest and made a great shot. The old ram went straight down !!



Another stunning sunset ! 



We stopped to glass the landscape and all of a sudden out the corner of my eye I spotted this gemsbuck bull moving through the valley in front of us. He hadn't spotted us and the wind was really blowing. We waited for him to move over the hill and we jumped out the vehicle and followed. We moved slowly and peeked over the hill and there he had lay down. We sat aptiently and waited for the bull to stand up. 45 minutes later the bull stood up and we were ready on the sticks. Mustafa made sure of his mark and made another excellent shot !



A welcome coffee break ! 



Yavuz's main focus was a buffalo and had spent the last 2 days going through herds and small groups of bulls.



Eventually got this amazing bull with a small herd of cows.



Well done the Eastcape Team !! 



After much excitement we all sat down to have lunch together



It was late afternoon and we were hunting our way back towards the lodge. We spotted a few kudu bulls working there way along a ridge line. I stopped to glass the three bulls and one bull stuck out amongst the lot. Driving all the way down the valley we parked the vehicle and started our walk up the tree line again making use of the wind in our faces. Once we got closer it wasn't easy with 2 gemsbuck lying in the vicinity. The kudu had in the mean time moved further away. I discussed with Mustafa and explained it might be a good plan to sit tight and wait to see what the bull does.

After  waiting patiently for a hour and a bit we were rewarded and this beautiful old bull moved closer following one of the younger bulls. Another perfect shot - what a trophy !!



Enjoying the buff liver - awesome !! 



Another long walk and we got this excellent old springbuck ram - we of the more difficult animals to sneak up on.





Pot the blue wildebees lying down. Another patient wait and he went straight down as he got up. Always good to see one of our toughest animals hit the ground straight away. Good shooting my friend.





A good way to finish off the safari - we joined the rest of the team for lunch on our deck down by the river. 







Thank you for hunting with us - we hope to see you soon again.

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