Mark Morrow hunts with Eastcape & Karoo Safaris

Wednesday, 14th April 2010

Mark is from Georgia USA and joined us on safari in April 2010.




First day enjoying a cold one before going on a photographic game drive. Weather not too good but still managed to see some elephant, Buffallo and many others. Great viewing.



Getting ready for first hunting day.




First morning out, still raining and mist. We got lucky and took this beautiful impala ram within the first hour. What a great shot - must be the military backround !




Day 1 in the afternoon. After a lot of hard work crawling around in the mist and rain we were rewarded with this monster Blesbuck. What an experience. An excellent first day.


Day 2 was spent going after kudu and zebra. Walking the mountains we spotted many animals but not selecting anything in the end. Thunderstorm in the afternoon.




Day 3 early morning we went after kudu. Spotted a big bull but just in too much of a difficult spot. We then spotted a dazzle of Zebra in a valley and after patiently waiting for 1 hour 1/2 we were able to bag this fine stallion.




Late afternoon we decided to look for warthogs. There were many out after the cold rain. This old pig was taken with a brilliant shot behind the shoulder.



A well deserved Gin & Tonic after a hard day at the office. The "Grey Ghost" still eludes us !




Day 4 glassing for the right kudu bull. A long day walking - didn't see the one we looking for.




Day 5 early morning start. We spotted this magnificent bull way up on the ridge. We made a great stalk and Mark shot him perfectly.




In the afternoon we went scouting for a cull springbuck. The open plains make these little animals very difficult to get close to. Mark made another great shot at just on 300 yards. He's a real old ram with some battle scars to prove it.

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