The King family from USA hunt with Eastcape & Karoo Safaris

Sunday, 15th July 2018

Mark and Juli-anne brought there kids on a memorable hunting safari with Eastcape & Karoo safaris during the month of July 2018. Their daughter Grayson had just finished up at school and about to head to University. This was the perfect gift ! Their younger Sutton was along for support.

Hunting on our main Karoo concession in the Northern Cape provice - we stayed here the entire safari. Our property consists of 50 000 hectares / 123 500 acres of unspoilt hunting terrain. Due to the size of the property, we pack lunches head out for the entire day and return to camp in the evening. Hunting at it's best.

Arriving at Bloemfontein airport in the Freestate province early morning - I was there to pick the family up. First bit of bad news was Marks luggage had gone missing. We spent the day waiting for the connection but to no avail. After arranging delivery of the bag to the lodge we got on the road to our lodge which is two and half hours away. Some long travelling hours caused a few heads to drop in the vehicle on route. 

We arrived at the lodge in the evening - did a quick unpack and sat down to a lovely dinner and catch up. Everyone was very tired so it was early to bed.

Sighting in - Hole on hole !!!









Everyone had a few shots and all were happy. We split up into two vehicles ...... one parent per child. Sutton with Dale and Grayson with Ashley. Off we went to see what was out there !!

Grayson with nice very old impala ram first morning



Grayson's first animal in Africa - called for a blooding



Sutton with his kudu bull



Lunch all together



Lining the bull up



A proud father and daughter. Patience was the key to this hunt .... well done Grayson !! 



Mark enjoying the scenery



Awesome impala Sutton.



Grayson took this old roan bull ! Stunning colouring on this amazing trophy.



Sutton with this broomed down old blue wildebees



After walking many miles we stalked this trophy of a lifetime and got within 100 yards.

One of the biggest springbuck ever taken on this property !





Time for lunch 




One of our favourite places - the boma for a few in the evening ! Much laughter and chatter after the day.



Sutton and his gemsbuck bull



A hunt with a bit of action. Our tracker Mbulelo doing some fine work tracking this old hog down.



Up until now Mark had been holding back VERY well ...... until this monster kudu jumped out in front of them. Sutton managed to shoot this wily old jackal on route to the kudu. Great shooting !!





Lunch for the boys along the river



Sutton with a very good steenbuck



Our time at the Karoo lodge had come to an end - we needed to go down to the coast to hunt a few animals there. Oribi and Burchel zebra was on the menu. Not before giving back to the community and giving school supplies and other necessities.






A very good bag of trophies



We headed down to Leopard Ridge down at the coast and were greeted with some foul weather. Not to deter us we still had a very succesful day.

Juli anne hunting this very good oribi and Mark a duiker





Grayson with her zebra







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