Gus and Kim hunt with Eastcape and Karoo Safaris in August 2019

Sunday, 18th August 2019

Gus and Kim joined us on safari all the way from Texas USA.


I picked Gus and Kim up at the Bloemfontein airport and we were quick to get on the road to our Karoo camp 2 hours away. Arriving at camp we quickly got unpacked and started with rifle sighting ....




With the rifle spot on we headed out to see what we could find.

First nice breakfast and coffee with sunrise.




First morning we saw plenty of animals. The amount of game on the enormous property is truly breathtaking. Gus always wanted a Red hartebees, so when I spotted a lone bulllying down on his own we put a plan together. After a long walk into the wind we managed to get above him. Gus made a great shot.




Awesome Red Hartebees bull.




View of this expansive property - we spent the rest of the day glassing, walking and and enjoying Africa at it's best.




Drinks around the fire - what a way to end the day !






Another day out - early morning out and we looking for a good sable. My tracker gives a tap on the roof and we spot a steenbuck ram. 




Another great shot - happy Gus with his steenbuck trophy.

We were soon on the road again looking for a good sable bull ...we passed up several good bulls and then spotted the one !






Amazing sable trophy - well done Gus !






All the kit you need for a warthog down a hole !






Nice old tusker !




A view from a spot we call "Top of the world"

Enjoying the open Karoo !




Sundowners after a great day.

The next morning we went looking for a blesbuck. Blesbuck are very wary animals and difficult to hunt. The best chances are to take the lone rams with only 2 eyes to contend with ....






Awesome hunting with you guys - look forward to seeing you back in 2022 down at the coast !


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