Alisawi family visit Eastcape & Karoo Safaris from Qatar

Wednesday, 11th June 2014

The Alisawi Family recently joined Eastcape & Karoo on a memorable Safari. There were 3 Uncles and 2 Cousins, Namely Ghazi, Faisal, Abdalwhab, Fesal and Marwan. They arrived on the 3 June 2014.



The Alisawi Family hunted with us for 7 days. After shooting the rifles on the range we all set off in search of an impala. A well executed hunt ended up in Ghazi successfully hunting this impala with a Sako 270, 150 grain at 120 yards.




The following 3 days we successfully hunted the following animals: Fesal with this great Eastcape Kudu, taken with a 7mm rem magnum.




Abdalwhab hunted this eland with a 270, 150 grain ammunition at 70 yards. A well placed shot. Well done Abdul.




Abdalwhab hunted this blue wildebeest after an hour and a half stalk. He successfully hunted it at 70 yards with one great shot!




Faisal hunted a great waterbuck bull with a single shot using a 7mm rem mag. Great hunting Faisal!!



The next day we did a little bit of wing shooting. Faisal successfully hunted this yellow billed duck with a 12 gauge shotgun.






We had a well prepared lunch in the bush after bird hunting in the morning.




Day 5 dawned and we set off with high aspirations of hunting a giraffe, nyala and an impala. Abdul hunted this giraffe bull with a single shot from 90 yards, with a Sako 375 mag, with a 300 grain soft point. Another good shot from Abdul.








Faisal hunted a magnificent nyala late in the afternoon; using a 7mm Rem mag.



Abdul hunted this impala at last light. A 220 yard shot slowed the impala down, where Abdul finished him with another at 180 yards.




Day 6 & 7 were exciting and challenging with the Alisawi group hunting long hours. Fesal hunted this Gemsbuck at close range, after the wind assisted the stalk to close range.




Farther and son hunted the Gemsbuck and Impala on the same day. A special day. Well done Ghazi and Fesal.






The last day dawned, and after a relaxing breakfast we set off to Port Elizabeth. A visit to a local Taxidermy before having lunch was on the itinerary.




The Safari finished on a high, what started off as hunting clients ended off with them leaving as friends. Marwan, thanks for all your interpreting and conversation. I look forward to meeting you and your Family and Friends in the future.





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